Top 10 Best Trimmers Under 500 Rs For Men

A trimmer is an invaluable tool in a man’s grooming kit. A trimmer can clean up that winter beard you’ve been working on, making it look intentional and respectable. It can also help you get a closer trim that looks nice if you prefer not to be clean-shaved. Using and maintaining a beard trimmer is easy. Although these trimmers come in a variety of price ranges and if you only have a budget of only 500 INR then, no need to worry about, we got your back covered by listing these amazing trimmers for men under 500 so that it can be easily fit in your budget and you don’t have to wonder around every other e-commerce site to find the best trimmer to fit your 500rupee budget.

After researching a lot of trimmers, and testing a dozen from major electronics brands alike, these ten stood out for Best Trimmer Under 500 Rs.

Best Trimmer For Under 500 INR(For Men)


This trimmer is perfectly designed to slim trim your beard & mustache without nicks and cuts. This beard trimmer comes with an LED light indicator. It has stainless steel blades to trim your hair. Since this trimmer is not chargeable so it comes with a lengthy cord attached so you just need to plug it in and you are good to go with your trim. Along with this trimmer, you get some attachments like a brush, oil bottle, and 1 comb to adjust the length of your trim. When we talk about corded trimmer then this comes in the best list. With all those qualities Maxelnova 301 stood first in our list of trimmer under 500 INR.

2. Nova NHT-1045

This Nova trimmer is perfect for grooming the facial hair like grooming that long beard or mustache with impressive neatness. It comes with a removable and rechargeable battery and gives you up to 30 minutes of cordless use with a single full charge. It has high-grade stainless steel blades for trimming your beard. This trimmer comes with a travel pouch to carry this trimmer when not in use to carry around even safely in your luggage. It comes with High Precision Trimming Range of 0.25mm, 6mm, 9mm which you can perform by involving its combs as it works very sharp and gentle.  You can also go for zero trim by removing its comb. This is one of the best and good to go trimmer for men under 500 Rs that you should buy for sure.

3. GOLD STONE Trimmer

This trimmer has skin-friendly rounded tips for smooth trimming and lets you cut that hard long beard, mustache, and other parts of the body very effectively. It gives you precise trimming from 0.8 to 8 mm in length. In terms of its battery performance, this trimmer gives you almost 2 hours of continuous trimming after a full charge. It comes with a USB charger which means there is no need to carry a 2pin charger with you, you can use a USB to charge your trimmer using any USB adapter, on your laptop, or using a power bank.

4. MAXELNOVA Electric Beard Hair Trimmer

This trimmer is one of the best-corded trimmers which you buy under your budget of 500 rupees. This trimmer is made of stainless steel material which gives you long-lasting functionality and durability. Since it runs on direct electricity so there is no need to worry about charging the battery of this trimmer before use. This trimmer gives you a precise range from 0.8mm to 2.0mm.

5. Nova PNHT-216

Nova trimmer gives you outstanding performance with a hassle-free grooming experience at home. This trimmer gives you 30 minutes of smooth trimming experience, although before its very initial use you need to charge it for at least 8 hours. In its attachments, you will get a brush to clean stuck hair under in its head or under, an oil bottle to make the blades smoother and 3 combs to adjust the length of your trim. This trimmer pretty popular for grooming other parts of the body too and besides its under the budget for everyone, so you are always good to go.

6. Kemei Electric Hair Trimmer

Kemei Trimmer is pretty popular in the market and it has various other high-class trimmers to, but since we are talking about one of the cheap yet beat ones as per your budget then this trimmer should be the choice you should go for. This trimmer is pretty long-lasting with its stainless steel blades and makes less noise while trimming. The ergonomic design of this trimmer lets you hold it with proper grip and reach any part of your body, this trimmer can also work as a pubic hair trimmer too after removing its comb.

7. Kubra KB-1045

Kubra KB-1045 trimmer lets you maintain your long beard without going to any salon. Not just your beard or mustache but this trimmer is a pretty good option for body grooming. The ergonomic design of this trimmer gives you a proper grip to trim smoothly and effectively. This trimmer gives you up to 45minutes of cordless use and while having low battery, you can also use it corded as well. The heard of this trimmer is washable, so you can always clean it on tap to remove those hair stuck under its head after your trim.

8. Kubra KB-731

This trimmer from Kubra offers powerful ultra motor and skin-friendly blades, for the best performance on kids’ and men’s hair. It has micro-processor-regulated cutting speeds which built-in high-performance rechargeable battery. It has a durable and sharp adjustable razor for trimming your beard which has high cutting performance, precision steel blade to ensure constant and precise cutting. The precision of this trimmer is from 0.5mm to up to 10mm. It can be used for almost 1 hour after a full charge.

9. SKMEI AK8801 Beard Trimmer

It has superior quality blades designed to give a precise and even cutting trimming experience.  This trimmer is perfect for beard trimming. The sharp blades of this trimmer made of high-grade stainless steel with rounded tip for providing skin-friendly trimming and let you cut/trim the thickest hair without any exception.

10. Gemei GM-721

Gemei GM-721 Professional beard and hair trimmer is an ordinary trimmer with a dual rechargeable battery. It has Stainless steel blade for the variable cutting length which is easy to take down the blade and moving the blade from 0.8mm to 2.0mm. It has replaceable and rechargeable battery life, thus if you want to plug high-grade battery for more lasting performance then you can always do that easily after removing the old battery. It has the efficient motor speed to trim your hair smoothly. It is designed to fit perfectly in your hand and ensure a better grip, so you can now trim easily in hard-to-reach areas.



There may be many other trimmers that you can get online under 500 INR but when we talk about the best quality and the most highly rated best trimmers under 500 rupees then we have listed them all above. So, going with some other trimmer other than listed above, simply means that it’s gonna be either costly than 500Rs or not a good product and poorly rated one.

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