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Top 10 Best Trimmer Under 1000 Rs (For Men)

Men need grooming to charm their face. But the most important part of Men’s face is his beard. Also, if you are concern about your budget and looking for some of the Best Trimmer Under 1000 Rs then we have these quality products (Trimmers) which you will like for sure.

We have listed These Top 10 Best Men’s Beard Trimmer which you can use for either grooming your hair to Beard Or other body areas. The choice is up to you, and concern of budget is on us.

Best Trimmer Under 1000 Rs


1. Panasonic ER-GB30K

When it comes to buying trimmers in India under 1000rs then Panasonic ER-GB30K is the first on our list. It’s made up of Japanese blade technology to make it worth paying. It is Battery operated, non-chargeable. It’s Blades made from Stainless steel. The review of this trimmer is completely excellent in all major e-commerce sites, including Amazon.

When it comes to looking, then Panasonic ER-GB30K has such an amazing look, doesn’t matter if it’s Black or Shiny Blue, with shiny stainless steel blades.

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2. Syska HT1309

It comes in two colors Black/Grey and Black/Blue. It has Stainless blades of 25 length settings. Syska HT1309 has Charging time 8 hours and working time up to 60 minutes which is probably enough to get your trimming work done in such busy time in ease way. It also has Built-in adjustable comb Clipper or trimmer adjustment. Ordering it from Amazon will give you free delivery.

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3. Nova NHT 1091

Nova NHT 1091
Nova NHT 1091 is one of the ideal Trimmer for men. You can be used for beard and moustache. It is Power source battery operated and has USB charging as well. Its Blade material is titanium coated. This Trimmer can be used upto 45 minutes continuously. It has such potential to become your Best Trimmer Under 1000 Rs.

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4. Nova NHT-1071

Nova NHT-1071 dura power
Nova NHT-1071 is Dura Power Titanium Coated USB Trimmer for Men. Its battery operated and can be charge through USB. The blade material is titanium coated. It is also very convenient to wash its head after using. Since the deliver of this trimmer is free on amazon then if you will buy it from amazon then you don’t have to pay further for delivery.

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5. Philips BT1212/15

Philips BT1212-15
Philips BT1212/15 beard trimmer comes with a USB cable for more flexible charging via your computer or any USB adaptor. However, you will not get the adaptor included when you but it. It is DuraPower – trimmer and is 4 times more durable and backed with 2 years warranty if you buy it from Amazon. It has Up to 30 minutes of cordless use after 8 hours charging. It is very Skin-friendly rounded tips for smooth trimming and stainless steel blades for long-lasting sharpness.

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6. Nova NHT – 1020

Nova NHT - 1020
In this list of Best Trimmer Under 1000, this trimmer is the cheapest and best choice under 1000rs trimmer that you can get. This Trimmer is Rechargeable Cordless Washable Trimmer. It has High Precision Trimming Range 0.20Mm, 6 Mm, 9Mm. It is Titanium Coated, High Precision Trimming Range with High-Grade Stainless Steel Blades. Can be used up to 30 Mins Cordless Use however it is not suitable for direct plug and use. Kindly Charge It For 8 Hours Before Initial Use.

Another best part about this trimmer is that it’s 100% Waterproof and its head can be detached and clean easily after using it. It also comes with 12 Months Nova India Warranty.

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7. Syska HT800

C:\Users\ss\Downloads\greenshot\Syska HT800 Cordless Trimmer for Men.png
It comes with Trimmer, Cleaning Brush, Charging Cord, User Manual, and Warranty Card. It can be used for Body Grooming, Beard & Moustache as well. It has rechargeable Battery so use and re-charge it for further using for more time. Its blade Material is Stainless Steel and it has Washable Head.

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This trimmer is very suitable for Beard & Moustache and Body Grooming. It is used with cord and gives you a high cutting performance. The blade material of this trimmer is stainless steel. This trimmer is easy to handle which has durable as well as a sharp adjustable razor.

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9. Syska HT300

It is also For Beard & Moustache trimming/grooming which comes with Rechargeable Batteries as a power source to this. Its head can easily be removed and washed after using it. It has In-built adjustable comb which you can set as per your need to get the desired length for your beard. It also has rounded blade teeth for smooth skin contact, so you can get smooth trimming experience for sure.

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10. Flipkart SmartBuy USB Trimmer

flipkart smartbuy usb trimmer

Flipkart SmartBuy USB trimmer is for Beard & Moustache trimming/grooming which comes with Rechargeable Batteries as a power source to this. Its head can easily be removed and washed after using it. Buying it from Flipkart will give you 2 years of Syska India Warranty and Additional 1 Year Extended Warranty which you can get through Online Registration. And obviously, 10 days replacement warranty will be included as well.

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These are the Best Trimmer Under 1000 which you can afford easily. All the prices are given in with each of them so you can get the trimmer of your need under your 1000rs budget. If you are sure to buy a trimmer click on Buy Now and happy trimming.


Team Working Behind BuyTrimmer is alwasy up to finding and adding Best Trimmer for your needs.

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