Moser has become worlwide popular due to its german made hair clippers/trimmers which one can use extensively on their hair saloon or fulfill their needs of being a professional Hairdresser. Trimmers from Moser are best quality and are long lasting. Here is the top list of all of the Best Moser Trimmers/Clippers in India that you can buy from some of the best online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm Mall, etc. From the below list you can check out these trimmers and compare prices to get your best trimmer deals from these top e-commerce websites.


Moser Genio Plus 1854 Hair Clipper

Moser Genio Plus 1854 is a unique hair clipper that comes with a very peculiar and compact body design. This is a next-generation hair clipper that comes with a bunch of features and long-lasting battery life. It is quite heavy as it weighs 860 gm and comes with a significant heavy-duty motor but at the same time its super sleek, handy and innovative design offers you better handling and a firm grip over the clipper.

Moser ChroMini Pro Hair Clipper

Moser ChroMini Pro is a kind of multipurpose clipper that can also be used for fine work like contouring, blending and fading. It is an extremely lightweight clipper that comes with feather touch technology for easy smooth and hassle-free cutting. It is also ideal for cutting extremely short hair with its ultra close 0.4mm cutting technology.

MOSER 1901 Hair Clipper

MOSER 1901 clipper is one of the most advanced, high tech and feature-loaded hair clipper out there in the present market. It is preferred by many professional barbers and stylists. It is one of the most efficient clippers in the market. It uses advanced german cutting technology to give smooth and precise trimming.

MOSER CART1591TC Hair Clipper

MOSER CART1591TC is a very specific kind of trimmer generally used for shaping and touchups. It is battery operated lightweight trimmer generally used by the professional for outlining and contouring beard. It is the ideal timmer for cutting extremely short hairs on the neck, ears and other body parts.

MOSER 1400 Hair clipper

MOSER 1400 clipper is very popular among professional barbers and stylists. It is the most successful clipper among all other hair clippers. It uses advanced german technology as it is a product of Germany. Also, It is one of the most demanding clippers out there in the market.
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