Brite has extensive range of personal care products among which trimmer are one of the top ones. They have trimmers for men as well as for women. Here is the top list of all of the Best Brite Trimmers in India that you can buy from some of the best online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm Mall, etc. From the below list you can check out these trimmers and compare prices to get your best trimmer deals from these top e-commerce websites


Brite BHT 1020 Beard Trimmer

Brite BHT 1020 is a rudimental and simple beard trimmer with a casual and catchy look. It offers a premium trimming experience and it is also ideal for beard, moustache and body grooming. It owns a featherlike and high-grade plastic body that is skin-friendly and it offers safe, smooth and precise trimming.
2 Brite BHT 801 Beard Trimmer

Brite BHT 801 Beard Trimmer

Beard is the most catchy feature of a man's face and maintaining a clean and sharp look is equally important if you want to maintain a bold and debonair image. Brite BHT 801 beard trimmer is here to help you achieve a sharp and stubble look easily at home.
3 Brite NHT-BS-1500 Hair clipper

Brite NHT-BS-1500 Hair clipper

Brite NHT-BS-1500 hair clipper is very popular among professional barbers and stylists. It is a heavy-duty compact clipper that comes with a powerful and muscular look. It is a tiny power pack high-performance hair clipper and comes in the list of the most demanded clippers out there in the market.

Brite BLS-8855 Bikini trimmer

The Brite BLS-8855 is a compact bikini trimmer specially built to trim and shave bikini areas. Additionally, It can be used as a body groomer as it is also effective in removing unwanted hairs from all over the body. Get a well-groomed bikini body with this ultra-precision trimmer.

Brite NHT-100 Beard Trimmer

Brite NHT-100 is an extremely lightweight beard trimmer with a feather-like plastic body. Metal body makes the trimmer heavy and less convenient but this trimmer comes with a high-grade plastic body as well as it is user-friendly and it offers easy handling and firm grip.

Brite BHT-680 Beard Trimmer

Brite BHT-680 is a basic and minimalistic beard trimmer with a simple and casual look. It owns an extremely lightweight and high-grade plastic body that is skin-friendly and it offers smooth gliding and precise trimming. The trimmer comes with an amazing build quality which is long-lasting and highly durable.
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