Braun is one of the best brand in the market which contains Men’s and well as women’s body care and grooming products. Braun manufacture an extensive range of products for all your male grooming, female hair removal, skin care and hair care needs. In its grooming category there are various Trimmers that you would like. Here is the top list of all of the Best Braun Trimmers in India that you can buy from some of the best online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm Mall, etc. From the below list you can check out these trimmers and compare prices to get your best trimmer deals from these top e-commerce websites.


Braun MGK3020 Multigroom Trimmer

Braun MGK3020 6-in-one face and head trimming multi-grooming kit specially designed for men which include 1 trimmer with 5 attachments. It comes with an ear and nose trimmer attachment which is suitable for nose, ear, and eyebrow whereas the shaver head is designed

Braun BT5070 Multigroom Trimmer

The Braun BT5070 is a uniquely designed trimmer for men that provides you extra length and precise contours with the two basics of any great look. To achieve a designer stubble look or trim your full beard, the two detachable trimming combs provide the flexibility you need.

Braun BT7040 Multigroom Trimmer

The Braun BT7040 is a specially designed versatile razor-trimmer for men suitable for bread and hair trimming. The trimmer comes with a precision dial, 4 attachments, and a Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide razor.  The trimming range of the trimmer is  0.5 ...

Braun BT32 Beard Trimmer

Turn your new generation Braun Series 3 shaver into a styler and trimmer with the Braun BT32 Series. Including a beard trimming head and 5 extra combs, you can accurately shape beard lines or create stubble at a range of lengths. The trimmer is suitable for Body Grooming, Beard & Moustache.

Braun BT3221 Beard Trimmer

Achieve your style effortlessly with the Braun BT3221 beard trimmer & Hair clipper for men. The stainless steel blades of the trimmer are suitable for Beard & Moustache. The trimmer has a trimming Range of 0.5 - 21 mm. The trimmer is rechargeable and has 50 min battery run time.

Braun FG1100 Bikini Trimmer

Time to say goodbye to the painful hair removal solutions with this Braun FG1100 silk touch bikini trimmer. Now styling and shaping the bikini areas is quite easy with this extremely convenient bikini trimmer. The ideal grooming solution for sensitive areas of the body.

Braun EN10 Ear And Nose Trimmer

Braun EN10 is a very specific kind of trimmer ideal for trimming delicate hair in the ear and nose. It owns a very compact user friendly design for easy and effortless trimming. Due to its compact and handy design, it is easier to hold and trim isolated areas under the nose and ears.

Braun PT5010 Precision Trimmer for men

Braun PT5010 is a uniquely designed precision trimmer ideal for creating sharp and defined lines and shapes. This is an extremely handy and lightweight precision trimmer inspired by a toothbrush. It looks like a toothbrush in the hand and has barely any weight as it weighs only 53 g which makes this trimmer the lightest trimmer in the world.

Braun BT5260 Beard Trimmer

Braun BT5260 beard trimmer falls in the list of high tech and technically advanced trimmers. This is a smart trimmer that comes with several unbelievable features. It includes cutting sensors, advanced blades, a highly durable motor and many more. It comes with a very advanced Auto-sensing technology that reads your beard and hair type 13 times per second and adjusts the motor according to the hair type and thickness.

Braun MGK3221 All-in-one Multigroomer For Men

Braun MGK3221 brings you the range of best multi groomers and beard trimmer. It is an ideal groomer for beard, body hairs, facial hairs, ears and nose hairs and comes with a 6 in 1 complete grooming and styling kit which has a beard trimmer; nose trimmer, precision trimmer, 3 length body hair trimmer, foil shaver head.
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